Consent Economics


I’d like to tell you about a new economic system that I call “Consent Economics”. It’s an alternative to our current economic system, and its purpose is to give us a way to decide how important stuff like food, work, fossil fuels, and anything else, should be divided up.

Consent Economics is based on the idea of a Market: a place where people who have something they want to sell can meet people who might want to buy it, and negotiate a price that both are satisfied with.

A Market can be a literal real-life market, where people display their wares to potential customers, or it can be an abstraction: for instance, the buyer and seller might negotiate a price online, without ever meeting each-other. The buyers and sellers might not be individual people, but organisations acting on behalf of thousands of people who don’t have time to carry out negatiations individually.

So far Consent Economics sounds a lot like regular Economics, but there is one crucial difference: every transaction in Consent Economics, happens with the consent of everyone involved.

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